Young Learners English Exams Description

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Global Language Training provides the Young Learners Exams for students enrolled in the first years of schooling.

These tests have been designed by renowned pedagogists with significant expertise in the field of early childhood language education, in particular, applicable to children enrolled in primary school.

The significant increase in young learners registered in English language programs has led to a growing demand for this assessment.

The key premise for Global Language Training has been to create an online, internationally-accepted English language test, for children aged 6 to 12.

The completion of these tests is highly motivational for the child and has a positive impact on their future language learning endeavors.


Online advantage

Because of the online format learners are provided with an array of exam dates as required by the schools. All 3 exams have the same number of topics, questions, timings, and marks.

In every exam, children respond to audiovisual prompts and answer simple questions to get them through the evaluation material.

All 3 PRE A1 GEP exams lead to a corresponding certificate of achievement, regardless of the score reached.


Motivation-based scoring

To keep children motivated throughout the testing process the young learner's exams were designed with no pass nor fail.

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