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To deploy the GEP English Exams at your institution you follow an easy process designed with no overhead and rapid implementation:

  1. Fill the partner registration form at GEP English Exams indicating the number of students you wish to test.
  2. You will receive an online invoice for your institution.
  3. Once paid, Global will send you the list of Prepaid Vouchers to distribute among your students and secure access to our testing platform. Your institution will also receive full and separate administrative access to the testing platform.
  4. Your students use their personal Voucher to register at the site and initiate the test at the date and time that you determine in the testing platform.
  5. Once the exams are taken, both the institution and the individual school receive notification and feedback for the test’s scores. Group metrics and statistics are part of the testing platform to provide you with insight into your institution's global performance.
  6. A downloadable Certificate becomes available on the website for students if reaching the necessary Exam score.

GEP Partner Registration Form


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